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Divorce Support Group and Healing Journal Prompts for Every Woman on the Road to Divorce Recovery

Why did I create a divorce support group for women who are going through this painful life change?

Because many women experience divorce – but not all women experience healing after divorce.

I know this because I have experienced it in my own life. And I have witnessed it when meeting my divorce coaching clients for the first time. Women have come to me during many different stages of their life after divorce —

  • maybe they don’t know where to begin or
  • maybe they have tried divorce therapy and all sorts of approaches to the healing process.

It could be immediately after the divorce took place, while they’re still navigating the details, or even years after it was finalized.

And the one thing they have in common is that they haven’t worked through all of their thoughts and emotions yet. They’ve been given an invitation for personal growth and they need help recognizing that and finding their way to a path of positive mental health, wellness and peace.

There Is No Set Time For How Long Divorce Recovery Takes

Our greater culture tells us that when we get divorced, we get a set time period to heal. And then it’s time to snap out of it and carry on with our lives and find new relationships.

Research shows, however, that we don’t all heal at the same rate.

And that’s ok! Our thoughts and feelings are complex, and we each have our own unique set of circumstances to work through. But the common thread I’ve seen in all of the women I’ve met who were experiencing the end of their marriage is that they were all being called on to heal something even deeper than the divorce.

The truth is, it doesn’t get better with time. It gets better when we put in the work.

Why the Healing Process Starts with Healing Journal Prompts

And so, after years of working with women who were often running into the same mental health struggles and healing roadblocks, I created accessible tools to tackle these hurdles to healing and personal growth.

Through my own experience with divorce recovery and in my professional life, I have discovered that the secret sauce for many women lies in journaling.

When women experience trauma, either in childhood or later in their marriage, they often suppress their feelings – smiling through it and pretending to be happy while staying in denial or resentment.

But that will just keep you stuck, loves.

We need to recognize, express and feel our feelings so we can process them and ultimately let them go.

And it helps to have somewhere you can write down anything you’re feeling so that you can give those thoughts in your head a productive place to land. It’s not enough to think your thoughts or even to say them out loud – you want to physically release them from your body so you can stop rehearsing and reliving the experience.

Your brain is like an iceberg, and that thought you keep thinking is just the tip. There are layers and layers of emotions and memories and traumas even from before the divorce that are begging to be uncovered and handled with care.

But another important part of healing is that we all need support, a tribe, a group of women who are up to positive, powerful things! We all want to feel seen and heard by people who understand what we’ve been through, women who can hold a safe space for us. And so, the support group and the journal prompts go hand in hand.

How You Can Begin The New Phase of Your Life After Divorce

If you feel inspired to start right away and feel better as soon as possible, my first tool for you is the Post Divorce Roadmap, a free 3-week program of healing journal prompts that sets you on the road to divorce recovery – with special add-ons available that especially deal with emotional codependency and loneliness.

Think of it as a way for you to get to know yourself better.

Through 21 strategic journaling prompts, a complementary classical music playlist that does something very magical and sciencey to your brain during your journaling practice, and bonus journaling prompts that address specific pain points (think co-parenting or infidelity), the Post Divorce Roadmap will put you on the path to reclaiming your confidence, improving your mental health, and writing the next chapter in your story.

With therapists around the country creating longer and longer waitlists (we’re all going through something!), this allows you to dive into your healing process right away with minimal commitment, no wait time, and maybe you’ll fall in love.

Talk therapy isn’t the only kind of therapy. Journaling is one of many alternatives!

Introducing the Divorce Diary Road Trip Membership – Divorce Support Group with a Ton of Rich Coaching Content

If you feel inspired that I’m someone who can help you, the other way we can work together is through the Divorce Diary Road Trip, a high-touch membership for women who are working together through their healing after divorce journey in a supportive community with rich coaching videos and even more pointed healing journal prompts.

The Divorce Diary Road Trip began in 2020 during a time when healing needs, togetherness and a sense of community reached an all-time high.

In addition to your daily journal process, it’s so important to know that you’re not alone.

Often, we don’t want to burden our friends and family, or we don’t think they’ll understand how we feel, so we fall into a rut where we feel lonely, unseen and unheard.

We feel like strangers in our own lives. We’re facing the Single Woman Frontier on our own and navigating all the obstacles thrown our way, and that can feel really scary and hard.

The Divorce Diary Road Trip is a private divorce support group and coaching membership that offers a safe space for divorced and separated women experiencing profound disappointment, stress and grief.

It’s a place where you can

  • take a deep dive into exploring your inner iceberg
  • bring your pain to the surface without judgment
  • access tons of rich content – journal prompts and coaching videos from yours truly – that foster experiential learning as an extra support system.

That’s all in addition to regular divorce support group coaching sessions and socials. If you’ve been sensing there is more for you to learn and gain from divorce recovery support, then I’m your girl.

In both divorce recovery healing programs, I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Think of me as your own personal divorce coach that you can carry around in your pocket. (Figuratively, of course.)

In the ongoing membership, many women stay for a year or more because it helps them in so many aspects of their new life after divorce.

If you want to hear a sneak peek of the kinds of things we talk about more in depth during our group coaching sessions, listen to my podcast Dear Divorce Diary. Every week, I sit in a comfy chair with my cup of tea and a lit candle to have the conversations you’ve been longing for since you set out on this Single Woman Frontier.

Healing After Divorce Isn’t a Straight Line

The road to reaching your goal for life after divorce isn’t always going to be a straight line. Sometimes we take two steps forward and two steps back. And sometimes we sabotage our own progress.

Guided journaling is a great step in the right direction. Connecting with other women who are going transforming their lives is another step.

And both of these will help you get to the next step: goal setting for your future. Even though reaching those goals might seem very far away, identifying your goals for your life after divorce, writing them down in your self care journal, and talking about them with other women on their own healing journey will help you achieve them.

Envisioning your future makes it more likely to happen, and things we write down are more likely to come to fruition.

You don’t have to suffer and stay stuck in your “before” divorce recovery state of mind forever.

Choose to take the first action in beginning your divorce healing process today and explore my free Post Divorce Roadmap guide.

I am here to work through all of those pain points with you so we can move you from a healing journal to a gratitude journal, where you recognize all of the things in your life you’re grateful for. And I promise, in the end, the NEW YOU will thank you.

Are you ready to start your new story today?

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You can choose to begin healing today.