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Divorce Support Group and Healing Journal Prompts for Every Woman on the Road to Divorce Recovery

Why did I create a divorce support group for women who are going through this painful life change?

Because many women experience divorce – but not all women experience healing after divorce.

I know this because I have experienced it in my own life. And I have witnessed it when meeting my divorce coaching clients for the first time. Women have come to me during many different stages of their life after divorce —

  • maybe they don’t know where to begin or
  • maybe they have tried divorce therapy and all sorts of approaches to the healing process.

It could be immediately after the divorce took place, while they’re still navigating the details, or even years after it was finalized.

And the one thing they have in common is that they haven’t worked through all of their thoughts and emotions yet. They’ve been given an invitation for personal growth and they need help recognizing that and finding their way to a path of positive mental health, wellness and peace.

There Is No Set Time For How Long Divorce Recovery Takes

Our greater culture tells us that when we get divorced, we get a set time period to heal. And then it’s time to snap out of it and carry on with our lives and find new relationships.

Research shows, however, that we don’t all heal at the same rate.

And that’s ok! Our thoughts and feelings are complex, and we each have our own unique set of circumstances to work through. But the common thread I’ve seen in all of the women I’ve met who were experiencing the end of their marriage is that they were all being called on to heal something even deeper than the divorce.

The truth is, it doesn’t get better with time. It gets better when we put in the work.

Healing After Divorce Isn’t a Straight Line

The road to reaching your goal for life after divorce isn’t always going to be a straight line. Sometimes we take two steps forward and two steps back. And sometimes we sabotage our own progress.


You don’t have to suffer and stay stuck in your “before” divorce recovery state of mind forever.

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