If you're a fellow divorcee, I want you to hear this:

No, you won’t be alone forever.

No, those years weren’t a waste of your life.

And yes, you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Take a deep breath, and I'll show you how to start moving forward.

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I know how badly you want to find peace.

And from decades of clinical experience linking arms with people who were hurting, I know you also want to:

  • Feel like you matter
  • Ditch your anger
  • Be able to trust again
  • Be cherished by someone till you’re adorably old together

But there are some things getting in your way...

You're feeling worn down, lonely, and unsure about how to get there.
Some days, it sort of seems impossible.

You are drowning in frustrations (financial insecurity, feeling alone) and regrets.


You’re afraid of repeating past mistakes.


And you feel heartbroken over the life you dreamed of and planned for.

Here's the thing...

There are tangible solutions and a faster way.

Immersive Guided Journaling

OK wait...before you click away and say, "Oh heck no, I'm not in the right head space..." Hear me out...

Like you, getting divorced was a crushing experience for me.

I needed to figure out how to stop the self-sabotage and get my crap together.

And I quickly figured out that just talking about my pain (or avoiding talking about it) wasn’t enough to resolve it.

Research shows people who journal get some shocking benefits compared to people who don't.

And when it comes to immersive guided journaling, using specific prompts you will...
Get Deeper Results, Faster

Before I discovered guided journaling, I looked for answers in a lot of places...

And after going to therapy, personal development courses, Al-anon, yoga, church, meditation classes…basically everywhere…I learned a thing or two.

But it wasn’t until I learned this one thing that I understood why guided journaling was such a secret weapon…

Your Brain Is An Iceberg

Yup, that’s right. Let me blind you with some science…

Picture your conscious mind like the ice above the water and your subconscious mind is below the surface.

Our traumas (like divorce) are stored below the surface.

Journaling heals the part of the brain below the surface of the water…

The part you can’t see without the right tools.

The part that sunk. the. Titanic. (following my iceberg analogy?!)

Immersive guided journaling will not just show you what’s there but heal it as you write!!!!

To help you experience the powerful effects of immersive guided journaling and how they’ve made a huge difference in my own life…

I’ve created a 21 day program that will guide, motivate, and inspire you through the entire process.

You can get started today for: 


(because adulting is hard and every dollar counts)

Introducing the



An empowering 3-week journaling series that will dramatically shortcut your path from the post-divorce blur to an optimistic, purposeful, more confident you.

Over the next 21 days, you will be able to…

  • Experience major breakthroughs leading to greater confidence and self-worth.
  • Create more peace, clarity, and calmness in situations that would typically bring you stress.
  • Have a more regulated nervous system as a result of using each of the tools provided in this immersive program.

The Juicy Deets…

  • 21 Daily Journaling Prompts + other healing tools because every new routine takes 3 weeks to be beneficial.
  • 10 *Extra* prompts that specifically address the pain of toxic co-parenting and healing infidelity.
  • Journaling Training Video so that you don’t feel stuck, which means getting results is easier!
  • A personalized list of homeopathic remedies that will promote emotional healing from within (this is a game changer).
  • A carefully curated playlist of tunes that switches on important areas of your brain, which means deeper results and less emotional discomfort.
  • All from a mobile app, so it’s super easy to implement.

"I'm only a few days into this group but it's already been a real help and support. You're in the right place!" -Nicola J


Plan around 15 minutes a day.  And those 15 minutes will save you years of suffering. 

I know how challenging it is to set aside time for yourself. It seems like everything else is a bigger priority. But this is part of your problem. 

Discipline = Freedom. And you deserve to be free of this.

YES!!! I’d pick the tortoise over the hare any day because consistency and results are more important than finishing in 21 days.

You have lifetime access to the program and the Facebook community.

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access the digital app that will provide you with every aspect of this program.

Awesome! I am impressed!!

If you’ve been journaling then this will take your healing to the next level. This is a structured experience designed specifically to help you overcome this divorce and move towards creating a secure relationship in the future. 

Awesome! I am impressed!!

If you’ve been journaling then this will take your healing to the next level. This is a structured experience designed specifically to help you overcome this divorce and move towards creating a secure relationship in the future. 

There are also tons of extra goodies sprinkled throughout the daily journal prompts and the bonuses. This program will supercharge your confidence and address your fears with laser accuracy.

Nope! It’s a one-time payment of $33.33

The structure of this guided journaling program is designed to keep you motivated, inspired, on track and targeting specific issues that you are facing (you may not even realize you’re facing them yet). 

This program is designed based on my 15 years as a therapist as well as my personal divorce recovery journey. I’ve anticipated the issues you will face and built the solution into this program.

Free writing can be healing. But it’s not strategic enough to get you the results you’re looking for.

hey there, i'm dawn.

I’m a “it’s time to get your crap together so you can live your best life” mentor for people who have been divorced. I know when you need tough love, and I know when you need hand-holding—and I’m here to give you both.

After being a private practice therapist for over 10 years, I’ve learned exactly where clients get stuck.

And I’ve also noticed a huge lack of resources and support for people like you and me. 

Yup, that’s right. I, too, have been divorced, and 10 years later, I have created a system to help you deal and heal with the circumstances you’re in.

It’s time for you to decide how you want your life to look this year.

Perhaps it’s to feel more confident and happy in your day-to-day life.

Or not cringing, crying, or cursing when you see happy couples in your news feed.

Or a new relationship where you feel truly loved and supported. 

If you want to know that all of your heartache and loss over your past life was worth it—I’m here to tell you that it was…or will be.

Just know that what you want is within your reach right now...

why should you trust me?

I’m obsessed with helping you have breakthroughs. Your happiness and success literally keeps me up at night.

And this guided journaling series is too good to only help the people I see in my office.

You deserve to have access to the same breakthroughs and outcomes that they experience.

I’m not JUST a mentor or a coach but I am ALSO a highly skilled therapist who’s been featured in places like Bustle…which means you can trust my track record. 

And my 15 years of experience (and 2 waitlisted private practices) goes to show that my clients get results from working with me.

But I’ve also been divorced and walked in your shoes. I GET IT.

I can’t wait for you to DM me and tell me about YOUR breakthroughs!

"She helped me resize a huge obstacle that I needed to overcome and heal from. And I did." -Jamie


I am a divorcee just like you. I get that it feels risky to buy something online when you cant see it, hold it or smell it.  You work hard for your money and want the things you buy to be worth it. 

I am proud of the Post Divorce Roadmap and I know if you buy it and implement it, you will be stoked with the results. 

That’s why I’m offering a 21 day money-back guarantee. I cannot guarantee the Post Divorce Roadmap can deliver your prince (bummer, I know). BUT, I can guarantee you will appreciate the quality of the experience and the time, stress and confusion it will save you. 

Of course, if you’re not happy with the program, I will refund your money within 21 days of your purchase.

© 2021 My Coach Dawn




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