Manifestation in the Bible Post-Divorce

Today is an interesting topic. I want to talk about the idea of manifestation in the Bible and how it can guide and encourage you to manifest the life you want after your divorce.

Drawing with elements in rainbow color, moon, son, arrows. Manifestation in the bible.

What is Manifest?

The definition of the verb “manifest” is:

“To make clear or evident, to show plainly, to prove, to attempt or to attain by thinking or focusing intensely on it.”

Some synonyms of the word are express, declare, demonstrate, evidence, disclose, or reveal.

I’ve heard manifestation described as turning thoughts into things.

It’s very parallel to the idea of faith – to believe in something you cannot see.

And right now, your current life after divorce is a manifestation of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs up until this point.

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What Do You Really Want

We women have often let life live us rather than intentionally living life. But I believe you want more control in your post-divorce life.

  • You want better outcomes in your life.
  • You want to know whether or not manifestation is real or it’s bullshit and if it can work for you.

I am a true believer in manifestation. But I also want to point out that this is not a new concept. This is a very old concept that we can find a map for in the Bible.

The words of God and Jesus and all the things in scripture have been historically very triggering for me. The reason you’ve been hearing me talk about them more is because it’s a manifestation of the healing work I’ve been doing.

My heart is healing more and there is more space for me to revisit these terms.

open bible behind pink blossoms, Bible Luke, Chapter 6

Bible Luke, Chapter 6

The scripture I want to point your attention to and where you can find manifestation in the Bible is Luke, chapter six. We’re specifically going to talk about verse thirty-eight.

Luke Chapter Six, Verse 38

In the New King James Bible, this verse says:

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

Rising Above

The entire context of Luke, chapter six, is the idea of rising above.

It’s the idea of taking responsibility for your own problems, your own limitations, your own limiting beliefs, your own tendency to be angry, resentful, and judgmental, and to rise above those things and to do better.

It’s certainly a call to Christians to be more Christlike.

However, the entire context of the chapter points out that anybody can be nice to somebody who is nice to them.

It’s about how we women need to lean towards forgiveness and work on ourselves, and not point out what everybody else is doing wrong. And divorce can be a very hard moment in time for that.

What is the Meaning of Luke Chapter 6 in Your Post-Divorce Life?

Owning this concept is what freed me in the early days, weeks, and months, even years after my divorce.

My goal was to spend the bulk of the time rising, becoming better, and manifesting something differently in my life.

Meaning Luke, Chapter Six, Verse 38

So, let’s dig into verse 38 of Luke, chapter six.

Now, this verse is really about having a wide open heart and giving from a beautiful and loving place, even when you feel like it’s not deserved.

Comparison of Mental Health Work to Bible Verse

How many times in our healing work are we dissecting who in our lives has hurt us, whether or not they are still worthy of our relationship, whether or not we can forgive them, and where we need the boundaries to be?

That’s all very important mental health work.

Mental health work also should be this spiritual work of grace, where we can heal our hearts so that we can love people well.

This includes ourselves first because we’re only going to love people as well as we love ourselves.

The idea is to become healed and to live in faith so that we can then give from a solid place.

When you’re in a post-divorce world, you probably haven’t been loving yourself well because you’re in a lot of pain right now, you’re not sure if you’re good enough, and you’re not sure if anyone’s ever going to love you again.

None of these thoughts are true.

Drawing of a woman's face, looking up the ceiling and holding her head with her hands. Create a Vision Board.

Create a Vision Board

If you want to manifest, grab that vision board and create a vision for your future self and your future life, where you are cherished, you feel safe and secure, you feel worthy, and you have enough of everything that you need.

Enough love, safety, and money, the feeling like you belong to a community, and having a beautiful relationship with your children.

Painting of a hand with arm in green color. Painted birds in the background in green color also. The sky is painted in vibrant orange and yellow colors. Manifest Your Vibration.

Manifest Your Vibration

The process of popular manifestation is that you have to manage your vibration and embody the faith, the peace, the positivity, and the well-being that comes with those things before they come.

This is where everybody gets hung up. You want those things on the vision board.

You want to manifest the things you want, but you are struggling to have faith. And in Luke chapter six, verse 38, we are told, give, and it will be given to you.

Perhaps you feel you were a wife who gave and gave and gave. But what measure were you using when you were giving? Were you giving and measuring from a place of wide open, grounded love that’s centered and grounded in how a higher power loves you? Or was it given from a place of scarcity?

Painting in rainbow colors, tree is centered in the right part of the painting. Grass and sky are painted in rainbow colors. Practice Grounding.

Practice Grounding

How have you been measuring? Have you been measuring with a cup based on fear or a cup based on abundance?

To manifest the post-divorce life, you have to become a vibrational match for what’s on your vision board.

Painted women's faces in rainbow colors, eyes closed, standing in front of each other. Manifestation in the Bible. Loving From a Place of Abundance.

Loving From a Place of Abundance

How do we start loving from a place of abundance and not from a place of scarcity? Because it’s not easy. It’s not something that you just flip a switch where I give you the answer, and then you do it. It’s a process that will happen in layers. But we have to start.


Here’s the one-word tool for how and where we start: Surrender.

What is Surrendering Spiritually?

Surrender spirituality is a concept that involves letting go of control and ego to a higher power or the flow of life.

It is a practice found in many religious and spiritual traditions, emphasizing trust, humility, and acceptance.

Woman with long brown hair and long dress, walking up stairs into an opening. How to Surrender Spiritually?

How to Surrender Spiritually?

We start to surrender by saying, “I have not been doing this well. I have been doing it my way. I’ve been doing what I want to do, not what I need to do. I’ve been running and avoiding it. I surrender. I’m going to go there, and I will do this healing work, and I will get in touch with a real and living higher power who has a purpose and a plan for all of my pain.”

You’re going to get in touch with that higher power and walk that path out. You’ll do the healing work that leads to the outcomes on your vision board.

Slow down for a moment, take some deep, meaningful breaths, and look for the energy inside.

I want you to imagine there are little sticker burrs of negative energy stuck in your shoelaces. When you take a breath, and you pull one sticker burr off, you surrender a little more and take away the negative thoughts and emotions that you’re used to thinking.

This healing work will never feel like anxiety.

Healing will always feel like a steady knowingness.

Each time you take off a sticker burr, it’s surrendering a layer of worrisome thought. Thoughts like, “What if I’m not enough? What if I can’t? What if I never get there?”

Every time, say, “I’m going to quiet that thought, and I exchange it for a truer thought, which is Luke 6:38.”

Painting of woman's face in red and pink colors, hand holding face in green colors. Set Aside Resentments

Set Aside Resentments

I want you to know the current manifestation you have in your life after divorce. It’s okay. It’s not forever. You can move on from it. By surrendering and setting aside resentments, you can start lining yourself up with the purpose that you were designed for. Use the manifestation in the Bible for this.

The experience you’re in right here and right now is part of that purpose. The solution is always bigger than the problem.

Painting of a woman standing on the coast and watching the sunset. The Solution is Always Bigger than the Problem.

The Solution is Always Bigger than the Problem

The solution is going to feel bigger and better than the amount of pain you’re in right now.

Can you imagine that? Can you think about your future self feeling better than you are feeling bad right now?

I don’t mean just neutral. I don’t mean just neutral-positive. I mean a good feeling that is bigger and greater than the painful feeling you have right now. That is what we’re aiming for.

There are lots of ways to line yourself up energetically and use manifestation in the Bible for your vision board.

But the number one way that I want you to do today is to surrender to the idea that there is a purpose and there is a path.

Start addressing your heart, your mind, and your faith.

You can’t just do it the way you want to do it. You have to do it the way you’re called to do it.

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