How I Changed My Life With Law of Attraction After Divorce and You Can Do the Same

Law of Attraction has made a huge difference in my life. I have been so unbelievably passionate about it lately that several women have told me: “There is something different about you, Dawn.”

The Law of Attraction feels like a distillation of every amazing and fundamental thing I have heard in spiritual philosophy or religion.

It is a beautiful alignment of all these beliefs and it has just been soothing and empowering to me for me to claim my sense of spirituality – a power greater than ourselves, a belief in something, or a larger organization.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that we are all vibrational beings and that everything around us has a vibration (and therefore has a consciousness).

Whatever frequency we are vibrating at is what we attract or is a magnet to us. So how do we know what our vibrational frequency is?

How is Vibrational Frequency Measured?

The earth has a natural rhythm; there are joyful, pleasant vibrational frequencies that are higher and then there are lower vibrational frequencies that are pain, grief, fear, and anger.

On the vibrational scale, we can see that pain is on the lower end and pleasure is on the higher end, and there is a range of everything in between.

When It Rains, It Pours …

Have you ever heard the saying, “When it rains, it pours” or, “Things come in threes”? These statements exercise the Law of Attraction.

When we women start to vibrate at a certain frequency, and we take up space in that vibration for a period of time, we start to attract multiple incidents that feel the same type of way to us.

This motivates me to be intentional about managing my thoughts and my emotions, and this is especially important if you are experiencing post-divorce trauma.

person sitting in the lotus position in chakra colors, tapping into the Law of Attraction

Doing What Feels Good

Tapping into the Law of Attraction and saying to myself, “What I’m vibrating is what I’m attracting to me,” all of a sudden gives me the motivation to say, “No.” No negative thoughts. No venting about my ex. Yes to doing what feels good.

How to Think Positive Thoughts

We, women, have to feel our feelings and grieve our losses. However, once we have done that, we don’t have to keep going there and rethinking what we have fully processed.

You can choose joy in your life after divorce.

Many ‘gurus’ have said that happiness is a choice and they are annoyingly accurate.

The Law of Attraction is a deeply empowering way for women to create the life that they want and to get going with it – now. You must be intentional about what you’re thinking, feeling, and focusing on.

Do Affirmations Work When It Comes to the Law of Attraction?

When we women become clear about what we want, it’s often the result of knowing what we don’t want. In my experience as a divorce recovery therapist (and just as a human), women are so much better at articulating what we don’t want, than what we do.

The Law of Attraction works by us consciously and very specifically articulating what we want. It works by raising your vibration to meet the same vibration of the thing that we desire.

I have to arrive at a place emotionally where I believe, trust and have faith that the things I have asked for – especially if you are creating a new life after divorce – are coming to me. It could be a new partner, amazing sex, a support network, or great friends. Raise your vibration to open your life to these things.

woman in white blouse with crystal heart necklace, rings and crystal bracelets, holding her hands over her heart, raise your vibration with the law of attraction

How to Raise Your Vibration

Your feelings don’t shift immediately.

It’s a process of raising our vibration little by little, day after day, walking in faith, stepping forward, looking for the signs and the clues, and following our joy.

What shirt in my closet brings me joy today? Which food in the refrigerator brings me joy right now? Which thing do I want to do in my spare time that brings me joy? We need to practice decision-making based on what brings us joy versus: “What should I do?”

These are small ways that I have learned to raise my vibration. For example, as I move through my day, my vibration may get lower and lower because I become depleted, but you can prevent this from happening by tapping into what brings you joy all day long.

I’ve started saying the phrase, “This pleases me,” to draw my mind’s attention to the small moments of happiness in the day.

buddha statue, candle, crystals in wooden serving board

How to Focus on Joy

There isn’t just one ‘secret’ to the Law of Attraction. Focus is one of the number one tools associated with aligning yourself with the Law of Attraction.

If you’re focused on joy in your divorce recovery, your vibration is going up, and if you’re focused on pain, your vibration is going down.

What goes hand in hand with focus? Momentum. You need to move from inertia and get more and more momentum in the direction of joy.

If you have been experiencing a lot of momentum in the direction of sadness over the last couple of seasons of your life, it will take effort to slow that down and get you going in the other direction. This is where you need to switch your focus.

If you notice you have some momentum around being pissed off at your ex, it’s time to jump in the swimming pool, go for a walk, or pull up YouTube and watch your favorite funny cat videos – whatever will help you switch and fall into a different vibration and move in a different direction.

What is the Secret of the Law of Attraction?

One of the other secrets to the Law of Attraction is being open to the scavenger hunt of life.

The key to this whole growth process is opening your eyes and your experience enough to notice when you catch that crazy idea, or you see a sign.

These moments are all the Law of Attraction at work in your life saying to you, “Yes, go this way!”

What is the Process of the Law of Attraction?

Everything you have asked for and wanted when creating a new life after divorce is aligning itself to come to you. When you have been vibrating at a low frequency, you’re blocking those things off.

As you begin to be intentional about shifting your frequency, stuff can start clicking into place and lining up for you.

If you’re not getting the signs, you’re not yet in the process of discovering with openness or understanding that the search is meant to be fun.

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How to Start Manifesting

Manifesting is a key part of the Law of Attraction.

You need to be really sure about what you want and be able to articulate it.

The clearer we women can be, the better. Write it down, put it out there, own it, and think about how you will feel when it happens. Practice elevating your vibration to the place where you feel the way you would feel if you already had “the thing.” You arrive at the manifestation by raising your vibration to the place where you are a match to what is coming.

Manifestation, momentum, managing feelings, and focus can click together much faster than you think.

How to Talk to the Universe in the Law of Attraction?

There is an understanding in the Law of Attraction that we women are in communication with the source, energy, the universe, God – whatever you want to call it – and I believe that it aligns. We have to slow down and listen closely, and we have to be in dialogue with this greater power.

stone in the middle of sand, talk to the Universe

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is where we listen to God and the universe speaking in our lives.

We women can ask, but we must listen for the answer. We must slow down and tune in.

I’ve had a hot and cold relationship with meditation all of my life. There have been times when I felt the benefits of it and times when I have struggled, but yoga has helped me find that meditative space.

Guided Meditation

My brain can be noisy. I am very cerebral and an overthinker, which is how I have coped with anxiety over the course of my life, plus a traumatic brain and a bit of ADHD. It’s now wonderful that I am in a place where I find some peace and some flow, but it was not a simple path. Everything happens incrementally, but you can use guided or walking meditation apps to help you find a moment of peace in your brain. Meditation is a key part of successfully manifesting.

Practicing Positive Affirmations

The whole key for women is to stay focused on what we want. It’s all about affirmatives.

Instead of thinking, “I don’t want my kid to fall,” you need to reframe it as, “I want my kid to have ease and safety.” It is a reorientation of how we think and how we filter or sift through our lives.

I want women to concentrate on what they do want in their life after divorce.

All those affirmative, positive good vibrational words:

  • Ease,
  • safety,
  • abundance,
  • support,
  • passion,
  • security,
  • joy,
  • hope,
  • gratitude,
  • appreciation.


Appreciation is a key secret in the Law of Attraction. It is a game changer with regard to momentum and focus. If each morning you can spend one minute thinking about what you appreciate, it will help you shift your momentum and your focus.

Appreciation is the vibrational frequency of manifestation.

empty cup of coffee, filled with affirmations, pen, notebook laying next to it, appreciation is a key secret in the Law of Attraction


Affirmations are positive statements. When I was actively in the divorce process, I had a Louise Hay “Book of Affirmations.” Each day, I would take out my colored pencils and rewrite the affirmation from the book on a piece of paper.

Coloring helps us process emotion without even having to go heavy into the place, and it’s a way to introduce positivity in your daily life.

The Power of Recognizing Negative Affirmations and Turning Them Into a Happy Life

A key part of the transformation is letting go of what people think of you. I have completely changed how I show up for my daughter this year, and it’s because I care less about what individuals outside my “inner circle” think. I have way more energy and am so much less frustrated. I have more joy on any given day. I love having affirmations around me, and I believe it’s possible they come true if you attune yourself to them.

You cannot take your old married life with you to the place where you want more.

Affirmations can become a part of your daily life after divorce. Putting an affirmation on your mirror is an easy, quick reminder of the life you are creating for yourself and how you can prompt a positive thinking process.

Why Are Affirmations So Powerful?

What are the most powerful affirmations for you right now? When you flip through a coloring book or an affirmation deck, which one sparks something inside of you or connects with you?

Finding the message that suits you is key.

The Power of the Law of Attraction

It seems like it’s a lot to tackle, don’t sweat that. Let’s just walk together creating your life after divorce and implement one of these things at a time. Start with a mirror message, and then notice what you’re focusing on, and we will inch along with it together. You’re ready to raise your vibration and start attracting the life you want. I’m right here with you.

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