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Hey, Love– I know how much you’ve gained by being a regular listener of Dear Divorce Diary and this page is inspired by and specifically for you.

There's a Way To Fully Heal

From The Underlying Noise of Insecurity & Pain of Divorce To Create A Life Of Freedom

By Reprogramming Your Negative Beliefs & Having Fun With A Healing Team Over 12 Months

Without relying on:

  • Talk Therapy

  • Settling for chronic anxiety

  • Numbing your loneliness

Before I break this down, love, there's something you should know about my "before"...

I had built a “good life”. 

I had a husband…

A graduate degree.

A fancy house and an investment property. 

I had a high-paying job that paid well straight out of grad school. 

We went to Disney all the time, hosted big fun house parties. 

But I was sick–on a lot of levels.

I failed to get pregnant.

Autoimmune issues kept popping up.

I was always anxious & often depressed.

I was controlling, angry, and had zero sex drive.

Everything looked amazing… on the outside.

But you know, you’re young–you think, I’ve got time… We’ll figure it out… right?

My Pretty Life Wasn't Sustainable!

He was angry that I didn’t want to have sex and he drank way too much. 

In the darkest moments, the despair hit hard.

There was no clear path to healing ourselves or the marriage.

Ending it felt like a better solution.

But once our marriage was over, I felt… worse. I was in pain, literal and emotional.

As an anxious/disorganized attacher…

I felt alone.

I didn’t realize how much my regular ol’ childhood trauma affected… everything. So I started therapy.

So. Much. Therapy.

I started connecting the dots– the marriage had temporarily plugged quite a few holes in my boat of mental/emotional/attachment style health.

That's how codependency works!

…meaning I'm only okay if someone else is there to make me okay. Without them, I'm not okay.

So, love, I worked hard on healing myself. 

I used:

  • functional medicine for my autoimmune disease,
  • yoga to calm my nerves, and
  • therapy to improve my mental health. 

I joined group therapy to make friends with other women…

And Al-anon to help recover from codependency. 

It was tough, but soon I felt stronger, more in control. 

I even started my own business and made great new friends. 

I was doing well, but I still felt anxious and my autoimmune disease often got worse. 

I tried dating, but I wasn’t meeting the right people.

I was NOT attracting winners.

Looking back, I should’ve known more, but I wasn’t yet the expert I am today.

Turns out, I was in a codependent relationship with healing itself!

Now I understand I was heavily reliant on healing practices just to maintain stability. 

They patched up my problems but weren’t a permanent fix

And when I stopped, anxiety and health issues returned.

I fell into needing to control my environment in order to feel safe

Within a few years, I did get pregnant and married….

(in that order, lol) 

Which was a sign that I was somewhat healthier. 

Yet in this new marriage I was still insecure and doubted my choices. 

I was living in masculine energy, looking to create a sense of security in the relationship. (Hello, control issues!) 

My career thrived as I explored new therapies for lasting healing.

I trained in EMDR and Internal Family Systems, and my own attachment improved. 

So, I started using these methods with clients, who saw fast improvements.

I learned to pause, see what worked, and what didn’t.

Over time, I embraced new remedies and blended science-backed practices with holistic remedies like EMDR, EFT, journaling–and more.

I saw a clear picture of what created LASTING healing...

I learned–for myself–to accept nothing short of wellness

And I started to lovingly demand it of my patients, too.

The results piled up!

And guess what?

I’m anxiety-free now. 

No more autoimmune issues, no meds. 

I no longer needed functional medicine or even a therapist.

Now, I just LIVE and enjoy my husband, our daughter, and our abundant life.

This is true wellness.

It took over a decade, but it doesn’t have to take you that long.

Mental health is better understood today, yet we still rely on quick fixes feeding a TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY that is “wellness”

Do you know how it maintains its massive profits? By monetizing our codependent tendencies.

The world still touts talk therapy and supplements as solutions, and they’re not.

Our codependent tendencies keep us dependent on the industry that claims it’s helping us recover from codependency.

Instead of quick fixes, we need deep healing. 

It’s a journey, not a quick fix. 

Healing happens in layers, integrating mind and body.

Hard truth?

We are more comfortable in our familiar discomfort than taking a gamble on an alleged promise land.

True wellness isn’t rented from an industry.

It’s about real healing.  

You crave relief, confidence, peace, a true partner to grow old with...

  • If you dream of nurturing a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a partner and creating joyful memories with your children…
  • If you aspire to maintain financial stability and comfort, to feel confident and secure in your role as a parent and a role model…
  • If you want to love yourself more and indulge in self-care while enjoying extensive travel experiences…
  • If you seek a life of independence and personal fulfillment, where you can be happy on your own while open to meaningful relationships…
  • If you envision waking up each day feeling peace and calmness instead of anxiety and stress, ready to embrace life’s joys and opportunities…
  • Heck, if you want the best anti-aging protocol ever (peace and confidence, repeat after me!)…

You have to know the dirty little secret…

working with traditional therapists or coaches, or trying to self-heal won’t bring you lasting healing


Here's Why:

  • Therapists don’t learn EMDR therapy, homeopathy, manifesting, or somatic techniques for reprogramming the subconscious! They learn how to interview, diagnose, and be endlessly curious about your life, which leaves clients frustrated…

  • Healing from grief, trauma, and attachment issues requires a strong support system and emotional resources, which aren’t always readily available amongst friends and family (leaving you feeling isolated in your healing journey), and most free support groups are… dicey.

  • Coaches lack clinical experience, but even more so–they aren’t trained to deal with your past and all the niggly ways your past influences your present.

  • The depth of your transformation depends on your commitment to the depth of your healing journey… and three months is not deep!

  • There are so many kinds of healers, and the good ones are doing great work, but how long will you bounce from one to another to only heal a part of your pain?

And maybe most importantly–

You don’t need another course. You need implementation.

The big why–you’ve passed the delightful ignorance stage and blown through the excitement about learning WHY you want to heal. Now it’s time to seize the doing!

Your goal: Legacy Healing. Give your future life, the lives of your kids, the best foot forward.

Balancing therapy, coaching, somatic work, and support systems can be financially draining and time-consuming, adding stress to those striving for holistic well-being.

Meanwhile, you’re still dealing with:

  • lonely nights, while you long for a better future
  • an angry bank account after hiring yet another expert that only offered a temporary solution
  • struggling to express how you really feel inside, even after ages of therapy


Many therapists still think inside the box they were taught. Those who have caught on are quitting therapy to become coaches.

You may feel trapped in a cycle of temporary fixes.

Now you just want to cross the finish line to true wellness.

This FEAR of the unknown is exactly why I felt compelled to share my journey and offer a new path to healing…

This is why I created:
A Different D Word
a comprehensive 12-month program designed not just to manage but to overcome chronic negative beliefs and emotional issues

It’s not about a quick fix; it’s about a REAL transformation that addresses the root causes of your ailments… without juggling eight different providers!

So you can FINALLY Heal From The Pain Of Divorce & Create A Life Of Freedom.

Our program gives you:

  • Personal solutions that work best for you, so you don’t have to see lots of different people.
  • The power to take control of your mental health with lots of different ways to help.
  • Built-in help and fun–super important for healing.

And we created a program that’s actually long enough to make a profound difference and doesn’t stop short when you’ve just scratched the surface. 

You’ll also receive:

Personalized Support: 1:1 sessions + group sessions providing focused guidance… so you never feel overwhelmed.

Expert Insights: Learn from workshops on dating, finance, and breathwork so you can feel confident in your body and mind.

Personalized Homeopathic Remedies: Learn about and use remedies personally selected for you, creating the lasting energy shifts you hear me talk about on the podcast.

Fun and Connection: Enjoy social events like girl talk, art projects, tarot, pole dancing, and improv to finally relax, connect, and have fun in a supportive environment… even if you aren’t always feeling like you’re ready for fun.

Community Support: Stay connected through group chats with your small group, without ever feeling lost in the crowd.

In-Person Ticket to Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC: Scheduled for Summer of 2025, a 3-night, one-day double occupancy 

Holistic Wellness: Even if you’ve tried traditional methods, our homeopathic strategies will offer alternative approaches to the healing you’ve longed for.

Special Note

Even if this is the exact solution you’ve hoped for…I know it can still feel uncomfortable to feel pressured by a limited-time offer….

If you consistently attend, complete the homework, and engage in the group and don’t feel significantly more confident, secure, and peaceful at the end of the program, will give you your MONEY BACK.

P.S. This program is not for you if you are not 

  • open to faith or spirituality, 
  • open to science or learning some biological basis for your healing
  • up for out-of-the-box solutions or experiences!

Hey, love–

Healing from divorce is one of those kaleidoscope moments of life: every little move has the potential to springboard you into the life you’ve always wanted, each little twist opens a new path to contentment, joy, fullness. My greatest hope for you is to embrace endings and beginnings, to take what science and spirituality has to offer you. 

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked–and possibly even led you down disappointing paths. It’s time to embrace the full cocoon of healing and emerge lighter, brighter, and bursting with abundance. 

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