Do You Trust Your Intuition or Is It Just Anxiety?

Today’s discussion is centered around the following question: do you trust your intuition, or are you feeling anxiety? This conversation is so important during the post-divorce period of your life, as you have to make many decisions and there are a lot of life changes.

Decision Fatigue

In the post-divorce journey, there are opportunities to access your intuition or to be drowned out by your anxiety. It’s vital to ask yourself: is this intuition, or is this anxiety? It is a powerful decision-making tool that will fill you with confidence, help you move forward, and remove any self-doubt that comes with decision fatigue. It’s a tough time.

You’re moving through the regrets of your past, you’re grieving, and you’re in divorce recovery therapy doing an autopsy on the relationship. You may not be forgiving yourself for the choices you have made.

Getting In Tune With Your Intuition

You need intuition, and you can become more in tune with it. However, it’s important to acknowledge the many other voices in your mind and heart.

Why Do I Feel Mixed Emotions?

When you have imaginary arguments with people in your head (that always go so much better in your mind than they do in real life), sometimes you feel yourself toggling between clarity, anger, panic, and sadness. Within five minutes, you can be in five or six different emotional states.

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I Let My Feelings Take Over

You are not crazy. These other voices have a lot of momentum, and they have a lot to say. It is key to notice when it is happening and sense when one part of you is holding the microphone. Disintegration is when only parts of ourselves feel empowered, which is not intuition.

Having those made-up conversations in your head is juicy and delicious – there is a lot of dopamine going on – and they make you feel validated, righteous, and clear. Even though it feels good and intense, it’s blocking you from your intuition.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is quiet, it is sure, and it does not have a rush of emotion attached to it.

Journaling is a great way to discover your intuition, or it could be after a great workout or an Epsom salt bath. You can tap into the quiet, calm of your intuition when you have been able to release or move through intense emotion.

You will be more grounded and connected with the world around you, as well as your mind and body. In this place, intuition will come through.

When you’re hearing those mixed up, noisy, intense, painful feelings or when you’re heavy with grief, it is not the time to make big decisions. I don’t care how pressing someone says the decision is. It’s not the time.

Overcoming Grief to Bring Out Your Intuition

A couple of years ago, I was going through pregnancy loss and knew I needed to get out of the house. It felt so pointless, and everything was heavy, but one day we went out on the boat. It was the most perfect day, and it’s the kind of thing that I would typically love because it was connected with nature, out in the sun and on the water, but it didn’t work immediately. I felt as heavy when I got home as I did when I left, and there was nothing that was going to move the needle for me on that.

Taking Action to Feeling Grounded

However, getting out on the boat did something because, within the next day or so, I could get into the intuitive place when I was meditating. While I was on the boat, nothing was going to shake the grief that I was experiencing, but I was unconsciously aligning.

Sometimes, we want instant feedback to know that we’re heading in the right direction. So remember: if you go for that walk, have the Epsom salts bath, do the journaling, and you still feel so heavy, know that you did move the needle and you did generate results, but you might not feel them for a day or two. It was still a beautiful action.

When you take actions that really help you become grounded, open, and peaceful, trust that even if you don’t connect with it at that moment, it’s coming. Intuition comes in moments of peace and quietness. Often you will take a breath, look up at the sky and say, “Wow, look at the moon.”

We, women, are used to tuning into our anxiety or anger to get clues on how we should think and feel.

Intuition doesn’t appear when feelings are loud as those really charged voices are just showing what needs to be healed inside of you, wounds that need tending to, and judgment that needs love pouring on it.

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How Healing and Feeling Loved Helps Your Intuition

You will find your intuition in quiet spaces and when you focus on healing and loving yourself.

Using Visualization to Step Into Your Spiritual Self

Thoughts and feelings are the human aspect of our experience that need healing and alignment, but they are also the spiritual part. There is a visualization that helps me with this: I visualize a beautiful cave of intuition with a pool of cold water and a pool of hot water, and it has a fire, a bed, and it’s awesome there. When I go here, I’m intentionally getting in touch with my intuition. I can connect with what I need, what I know, and where to go next.

I want you to play with that.

Ask yourself: Can I trust my intuition, or is it anxiety? I want you to breathe, and I want you to visualize your cave of intuition and say, “Anything that feels intense is not my intuition. Is this a clue about something that needs healing?”

How to Get Answers From Intuition

If I need some intuitive answers right now, I can use the cave to quiet my mind and find some peace to listen closely for the answer. Sometimes we need to ask the question: What is next? It’s usually charged with something that is missing or something we need to know, and we don’t have the answer, but when you’re feeling anxious, it’s never your intuition.

Ask the question, set the intention, and then you have to let it breathe, as the answer will be there when you come back to it.

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What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mind-body pattern that we can be born with, and then it can be exacerbated by certain life experiences. Just like grief and love, it can be released, and your intuition will guide you down that path toward healing these things.

How to Develop Intuition

Try that intuition cave and notice that when you’re really charged with emotion. Find some quiet moments, take some clearing breaths, and listen because intuition is in there.

You are full of pure magic, and all you have to do is a little shift to tune into it.

Creating Pure Power Within You

Choose and trust your intuition, as it’s more important than having the last word. Of course, it’s not as delicious at the moment, but it is better in the long run, and that is what gives it power.

How to Trust Your Intuition for Long-Term Results

Move toward everything you want in the long run, and release and surrender what feels pleasing right now.

I cannot wait to hear exactly what your intuition cave looks like and to hear how trusting your intuition works out for you. When you notice that you’re full of charged emotion, understand that it’s not your intuition. I know you will do amazing things with this.

Go forth and transform yourself and the world around you because I know that’s what you’re up to.

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