Dear Divorce Diary Podcast

The divorce podcast to move you from Resentment to Peace

A divorce podcast by a trauma therapist providing a place to heal for women who are tired of being ‘good’ but are ready to be happy!


The purest form of healing

Most women aren’t plotting their exit strategy as they’re saying, “I do.” But sooo many find themselves asking, “How the ef did I get here?” once they unwittingly fast forward to divorce. Using a little bit of science, a few tricks of the trade, a whole lot of love, and zero BS,

Dawn created the Dear Divorce Diary, a divorce podcast, to offer support during your pain and healing process, clarity on how you may have gotten here, and proven divorce recovery tools to help you regain your confidence, reclaim your future and feel truly worthy. It’s a warm hug – and a roadmap – for divorced women facing the Single Woman Frontier.

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