Creating Your Strategic Individual Spiritual Life Plan (yes that is a THING) w/Christina Drouin

Dawn Wiggins Today, I’m speaking with Christina Drouin, a dear friend of mine, about spiritual life plans. Christina, we met because you came to me for grief counseling, which is such a huge part of your story and probably part of the birthplace of what we’re talking about today.

Christina Drouin Yes, indeed.

How to Take Action to Start Your Healing Journey

Dawn Wiggins You’ve created the book, “Dear God, Where Do I Go from Here? A Course in Sacred Journey Mapping” and a course to help people find their strategic, personal, spiritual life plan.

Divine Alignment Occurs When the Mind Finds What the Soul Needs and the Heart Desires

Dawn Wiggins Let’s start by reading this quote of yours. When you visit your website, this is the first sentence you read:

“Divine alignment occurs when the mind finds what the soul needs, and the heart desires.”

I know that’s what people today are searching for. Their minds are searching for what their soul needs and their heart desires, and they need help with the how.

book cover Dear God, Where Do I Go From Here?, with beach and ocean in the background and crystals placed in the right bottom, creating your stratigic individual spiritual life plan

What Does the Soul Need

Christina Drouin In our world, when we want information, we tend to go to the mind. But I would say that you should start with your soul.

People ask, “What is the soul? What does the soul need?” Alignment. The soul needs to understand what your values are because that’s the definition of a personality.

Every soul is different, just as every person is different. And who doesn’t want to find their purpose?

Sacred Journey Mapping

Christina Drouin During the Pandemic, I was in my apartment in Manhattan, and I said, “I’m going to be inspired here. My calendar was cleared, as was the world’s, so let me do something with this time.”

Dear God, Where Do I Go From Here?

We look at that calendar clearing not as a negative discourse but as a positive opportunity that space has been cleared for a new time, point of view, and discovery. 

We met for grief counseling about the sudden loss of my husband. For people who experience something like that, you can go inward and become paralyzed, or it can free you.  

Dawn Wiggins
Even if you’ve experienced trauma, there is a part of yourself that remains unaffected by the trauma, and it gets covered up by all the mind noise.

Christina Drouin
Yes. When I work with people, I use a model of the human circle of life, and they write down their core values

Dawn Wiggins
It creates a mind-muscle connection.

woman in white yoga outfit, sitting in the lotus position, mind muscle connection

Mind Muscle Connection

Christina Drouin
Then, if you can take that further and turn it into a rule of life in spirituality, whether it’s meditation or journaling. 

You ritualize understanding your core values, and then they will start to define you.

Identifying Your Core Values versus Your Beliefs

Christina Drouin
Your core values may look different than you thought. I thought freedom and independence were huge values of mine. But values are nouns. They’re not outcomes. They have intrinsic worth in and of themselves. We all have what I call a constellation of values that make up our beings, and we make our decisions based on those values every day. 

Dawn Wiggins
Your process, your book about creating your strategic individual spiritual life plan, and your course teach us to be able to tease out the difference between our core values and our beliefs because a belief is just a thought that we’ve thought several times. 

Christina Drouin Yes. Whereas values define you at your best. So, when you are at your best, what are the ideals that define you? For me, those ideals are hope, joy, love, peace, and gratitude. That’s the fabric of your soul at your best.

Define Your Five Core Values

Christina Drouin If you can get in touch with those things that define you, then the power of this practice is in connecting these values that you discover.

Only you can discern them; they’re yours, and they’re indefensible.

You don’t have to defend them to anybody. They are what is true for you. They define the heart and the soul of the matter for you when you are at your best.

Tapping Into Our Sacred Life Journey

Christina Drouin The system in my book that leads you to creating your strategic individual spiritual life plan is organized around seven principles, and one is that the universe desires my success. We can not feel that way. We can feel hurt and in pain, in agony. We can feel the universe is against us.

Dawn Wiggins Hopeless. If the universe is against me, I have lost hope.

Christina Drouin When you have those touchstones of core values to go back to, it helps put what happened in perspective, and you get a chance to look through your life through a lens of opportunity rather than despair.

So much of what happens in life can be viewed as tragic, debilitating, and something that is going to handicap our futures. But if we understand what we are and have clarity and belief in our values and our purpose, it can be navigated.

road going up the hill, word faith painted in white on the road, Living a Christ-Centered Human Adventure

Living a Christ-Centered Human Adventure

Christina Drouin I am a spiritual being whose earthly purpose is to live a Christ-centered human adventure. For me, the human adventure was my realization. That was my big “Aha moment.” I look at everything that happens to me through that lens. It gives us hope when we know that, “Okay, these things are happening around us, but it’s not going to fray the fabric of my purpose.”

Sacred Journey Mapping: Overcoming Challenges in Four Major Areas of Life

Christina Drouin After doing my sacred journey mapping, I found out that the issues that people came up with or the challenges were in four major areas: The self, work, relationships, and their impact on the world.

When part of the process is to look at these challenge areas and seek solutions through your vision statement, you ask yourself: “What does success look like? What are you being called to?” When you know the answer, set your vision statement for the next three years.

woman sitting on the floor in lotus position, craft material around her, pair of glasses on the floor, writing something on a piece of cardboard, Creating Your Vision Statement

Creating Your Vision Statement

Dawn Wiggins So, your vision statement is like if you were to make a vision board and turn that into some sentences.

Christina Drouin Yes. For example, my vision is that by 2026, I will be a light bearer and a shining reflection of Christ’s presence among us.

Establishing Promising Pathways

Christina Drouin You then establish promising pathways. “How am I going to do that?” I will take care of my soul, I will follow my bliss, and I will embrace health and lifestyle changes that add youth and vitality. I have a goal in the area of self, and I have three major pathways, the promising pathways. My success milestone in the area of self is by 2026. I will have sought and found adventure and joy in the next phase of my life.

Dawn Wiggins So, for instance, if I’m coming from a place of crisis, post-divorce, my strategic spiritual life plan may involve being debt-free, owning a home, being done with litigation, or my kids being settled in a certain way. 

3-Year Vision Statements

Christina Drouin Yes. And the beauty of making three-year vision statements is you get to have a new one every three years.

Dawn Wiggins Yes, because we women are not static. We’re dynamic. We’re always changing and evolving.

How to Build a Plan based on 30,000ft

Christina Drouin
We take those promising pathways, which are the ways you’ll reach your success milestone, and we identify three things you’re going to do this year for each one of those.

You get to build it into the spiritual life plan, but don’t build the plan based on specifics. Build a spiritual life plan based on a view from 30,000ft. 

Dawn Wiggins

My clients have often been building a plan based on the specifics and then feeling like they’re juggling too many balls and pillows, and they get sidetracked and feel like a failure. So they need to ask: “What strategically needs to happen to get me where I want to go?”

Think Big

Christina Drouin You have to think big first and then fill in the blanks.

It’s inductive versus deductive reasoning. We start from the top and then build down, but then you implement from the bottom up. 

woman in pink pants and white top and pink sneakers, climbing up a ladder, Everything at the Bottom Has to Ladder Up to the Top

Everything at the Bottom Has to Ladder Up to the Top

Christina Drouin
Everything at the bottom has to ladder up to the top. It’s aligned. 

Dawn Wiggins
So much of what my clients are experiencing is a calendar clearing because they were not in alignment. Something about that marriage, something about that life after divorce, something about that relationship, or how you were showing up in it, was not in alignment with you. 

Christina Drouin
That’s why the work and core values are so essential to life planning. Whether it’s sacred journey mapping or anything, you’re doing to think about your life. When you get those answers, they make everything else make sense.

A Framework to Get Your Plan Focused on Healing

Dawn Wiggins
You’re providing us with a framework to get our focus on exactly what we talked about in the beginning, “When I’m at my best, these are my values.” When we women switch our focus to that, then all of a sudden things already feel lighter because I’m no longer focused on the pit. I’m climbing up instead of down.

Christina Drouin
If we think of our lives in terms of three-year increments, we can see that we can build towards something but also have some kind of sense of being able to manage what’s happening at that moment. There’s a season for everything. For me, there was a season of grief. It lasted a long time. But part of my sacred journey was discovered when I went to Africa on a mission and discovered through prayer and introspection that The Divine did not want me to be in grief. That was not my soul’s joy. That was not where my soul was to be resting.

Dawn Wiggins
You were just kind of mind-trapped there.

Christina Drouin
Then when I realized, “Wow, this isn’t me. No, grief was not me. I’m happy and joyous. 

row of candles on counter top, Ground Yourself to See Your Purpose, create your strategic individual spiritual life plan

Ground Yourself to See Your Purpose

Christina Drouin
Alignment then clears your mind, and then you can ground it. You can see your purpose, and you can dream the dreams. Then, you can plan your success milestones and your promising pathways.

Dawn Wiggins
Amazing. Christina, if someone wants to buy your book, work with you, or talk with you further, how do they do that?

Christina Drouin
You can contact me through my website. The book is called, “Dear God, Where Do I Go from Here? A Course in Sacred Journey Mapping” and is available on Amazon in its print version.

I have a curriculum in the works for a master class. If people go to my Instagram, @ChristinaDrouin, I’ll be posting information about the master class where people can go at their own pace. 

Dawn Wiggins
All right, well, if you want to learn more and work with Christina on your spiritual life plan, all the information is on our website. Thank you so much for being with us today. Peace.

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